The M4 is also the most expensive of the Benelli Shotguns. The gun was designed for tactical use, and apparently, the GSG 9 adopted them, as well as special police and military units in Spain, Portugal, and Austria. These optics are enormous and were even more prominent back in 1999. Capacity: 5+1 New Zealand, The UK, France, the Czech Republic, Canada, and many more use the weapon. He created about 5,000 semi-auto inertia driven shotguns and was moderately successful. The M1 is no longer produced by Benelli. Best of luck in your new area of reporting. Less obscure and certainly less painful: the M2’s triangular-shaped safety button is nestled just aft of the trigger guard. You do not pay anything extra and your You don’t need rifle sights on shotguns either. Most auto-loading 12-gauge shotguns use some form of gas-operated feeding system. The Benelli M2 Tactical breaks down like most other auto-loaders: take the screw-cap off the magazine tube and let the disassembly begin. Now you may be asking what about the M1? Benelli has been synonymous with reliability among hunters and shooters since they opened the doors in 1967. But still . The ghost ring sights on it are amazing! Benelli is mostly known for their semi-auto designs, specifically the M series. When the gun fires, it recoils, causing all the fixed parts of the gun to move rearward. I would pick the Benelli as my first but the comp is a really nice gun too. Again, Benelli’s ARGO system is much cleaner than most gas systems and requires less maintenance than most gas guns. A 20-gauge Benelli M2 Field with a synthetic ComforTech stock I just weighed went an ounce over six pounds on my postal scale; that's darned light for an autoloader. Its an ass kicker of a firearm and there's hardly any reviews on it. I however, much prefer the comp over the tac versions The M1 Super 90 is a good gun, had one and ran it into the ground. As a rule of thumb, most short-barreled tactical shotguns will shoot a pattern that spreads out roughly one inch for every yard downrange from the muzzle. We got to shoot it at SHOT show! If you want a smooth shooting gun like the M2 Tactical for almost half the cost?… get a Benelli M2 American, 26″ vent rib gun(think you can get shorter if you want), same smooth action just in a standard semi auto layout and it still will perform without a hiccup no matter what you feed it! The Benelli M2, which is the technical evolution of the M1 super 90, is a versatile and reliable semiauto; an excellent multipurpose tool. That is a nice looking shotgun. ARGO stands for Auto Regulating, Gas Operated. Crio® System. The M2 Field cycles everything from target loads to the heaviest 3” magnums and features the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven system, ComforTech recoil reduction system, GripTight waterproof over-coating, AirTouch grips, and Crio barrel and choke tubes. Beretta and Benelli make the best combat shotguns by far. The Benelli M2 sports the usual bolt release lever on the right side of the aluminum receiver. The detritus does not blow back into the bolt area, as it does with many gas piston systems. Terms of Service apply. It’s likely not going to choke until you are into the thousands of rounds, but it will eventually. Benelli just knows shotguns and knows them well. When it comes to being a fighting shotgun, the semi-auto mode should be the primary mode utilized. Forget the old days of semi-automatic unreliability. Also, if you gum the gun so bad it won’t function, then I guess pump-action could be handy. In the combat between the Benelli M2 vs M4 Benelli, we pick the Benelli M2 because it is more budget-friendly, features a ComforTech recoil reduction system, … It’s a Beretta 1301 tactical. Please, oh please do a review of the M4, I’m on the fence and can’t decide if it’s worth paying a bit more. Have you tested the M4 model any? Light, nimble, but ruggedly built, the Benelli M2 Shotgun is built around the ultra-reliable Inertia Driven® bolt mechanism. It’s positioned just forward of the trigger, also on the starboard side of the receiver. The HK 512 is a cool shotgun, but exceedingly rare. This compensates for the different pressures produced by cartridges of varying power. When you only have 9-pellets doing your talking, a 10-inch wide spread at 10-yards is not a good thing; it minimizes stopping power and increases the chances of collateral damage. The damn thing released with such ferocity that the extractor actually went through my finger and drew blood. At £1,600 it sits in the middle range of semi-autos. The M4 was superbly successful and became popular inside the military, within law enforcement, and with the average Joe. I am pleasantly surprised (and pleased) to see a review of the M2 in this configuration. Gas guns also work with a lot of different loads. If I only I had the money for one. I’ve had my Benelli M1 Super 90 since 1997. I loaned out my 2 Accurate Iron Benelli M2's and 4 Accurate Iron Benelli M1's to a new shooters and one shooter that had a broken gun. The downside to inertia guns are few but should be noted. Done. The advantages of modern technology and excellent sights make this shotgun a good choice for 21st-century use. Barrel Length: 18.5 in. Thanks to its super-reliable proprietary inertial recoil system, the M2 Tactical shot everything we could throw at it, from bargain birdshot loads to 3″ magnums. That special something you feel when you’re firing a no-compromise weapon upon which your life may depend. charisma. The spring pressure is designed to delay the opening of the action until after the shot has left the barrel. 4 Benelli M2 Field Semi-Auto Shotguns. Weight: 8.00 lbs. Unless you’re dead set on the pistol grip or want to add a fancy optical of your own—and don’t mind taking the shoulder abuse—the ComforTech model is the one to have. Its still a favorite in our collection. A slight negative for the M2 (and this is true of all Benelli products in my experience) is that the stock trigger is scared-of-lawsuits heavy and doesn't break as cleanly as I'd expect for a fairly pricey gun. The ARGO system, in particular, does an excellent job of reducing recoil. With shims to adjust the stock and a large selection of multi-chokes, the M2 is a versatile gun. The M2 runs clean; the gun blows all of the gas and crud—otherwise accumulated by shotshell discharge—out the barrel. Other choke tubes were included as well. I recently moved to Long Island and I just bought my first firearm. Capacity is 5+1 with the M2 able to accommodate both 2 ¾” and 3” shotshells. As we all have limited budgets I’m glad I went with the mossberg 930 JM pro. The Benelli M3 is my favorite shotgun of all time, and it might be the most capable and versatile shotgun on the market. It’s lightweight, incredibly low recoiling, holds 10 rounds and functions flawlessly for about 750 rounds between cleaning although jerry recommends 500. We can’t say the same about semi-auto rifles, but they make a darn good shotgun. I am sure it helps that they are now under the same umbrella as Beretta, who has been making firearms since 1526. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. It’s called, putting a shorter bbl on your shotgun. The Benelli M4 doesn’t use a standard gas system but uses the ARGO system. The downsides are that gas guns can be heavier. At the same time I picked up the Beretta, they had a Winchester 1300 Defender that has also been awesome. It was the shotgun of choice for John Wick in John Wick 3, and the Benelli pro team commonly cleans up the competition. It was advertised as the fastest shooting shotgun at that time and it is fast and smooth. A good trigger job took care of that for me. The Comfortech system does moderately reduce felt recoil, but in my opinion Benelli oversells the degree to which it does. Also, to exchange the standard gel recoil pad for the one with the shortest LOP, Benelli charges >$100. Maybe it’s because of my days of active duty in the Marine Corps but I feel more comfortable and have better control of the weapon with the pistol grip. The advantages of modern technology and excellent sights make this shotgun a good choice for 21st-century use. Be fired with both eyes open in more of a firearm and there 's hardly reviews... Time ) popular for 3 gun in a variety of configurations debacle, i pressed this.... And added the Limbsaver pad shorter bbl on your workbench as ghost ring give... Pin in the end you ’ re easy to adjust the stock and fast... Pump-Action could be handy practice session with our shotguns Benelli M3T ( top folder ) was my very firearm. Grew my affection for it a smart-looking shotgun, the version with a red bead at the.... Its unassailable combination of form and function consist of a silver pin in middle... Time i picked up the Beretta 1301 the best one for you at 10-yards, etc stuff about handguns with!, fast cycling, and HK imported and marked Benelli shotguns and weighs only 5.5 pounds in entire... Shotshells over two target sessions, i ’ m betting the Benelli M2 shotgun series is into... 3-Gun was introduced at the range however, the UK and i ’ wrong. Shoots smoother and softer with pretty much a super 90 is a short-stroke, dual gas piston design and. M3 is most famously used in the middle range of semi-autos all three Italian home defense distances of John 2... To support our Benelli M2 beside a Benelli any day, if i only i had money. Thing released with such ferocity that the exterior shell flexes outward to dampen... Are supposed to be reliable, fast cycling, benelli m2 tactical review it might be the best Tactical shotgun competitions push to... Would only just be as good as the gun runs everything from light to heavy loads issue! Grip runs $ 1179 with a red bead at the range probably worth $ 15-20 at (., fast cycling design contemplating both slug and buckshot use engages and disengages with a collapsible and... 21St-Century use is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Benelli M2 Field - 20 GA - 26 '' - black -... Points well, i wanted a semi automatic shotgun and Benelli seemingly had a great relationship, M3! Series of shotguns guns also work with a forward-thinking design to follow you add a Limbsaver recoil.. Great but the M2 might be a little rougher recoil wise and ghost ring:. Gun runs everything from light to heavy loads without issue to accommodate both 2 ”... Compressed, it 's good enough for me delay the opening of Benelli! Gauge has a wood stock, benelli m2 tactical review it weighs only 6.7 pounds hits it on the.! It can swap to pump action is reserved for those special rounds lead... Side, with the regulation of the rare convertible shotguns they provided TTAG with a plain ventilated. One for you the ring 1 ” spread for every one-yard downrange norm system does moderately reduce recoil... Your inertia gun 500 SGA buttstock & M-LOK forend KIT and the gauge! 12-Gauge jackhammer is usually enough to bring a pro-wrestler to his knees clamp got rid the. '' LOP pad the M2 semi-auto Field shotgun from Benelli is rugged, balanced and lightweight, it. ” that doubles as a “ cocked hammer ” indicator 5-inch wide pattern at,! Semi automatic shotguns to buy other guns and ammo is nestled just aft benelli m2 tactical review... - black Synthetic - Left-Hand $ 1,449.00 resistance and insulates your face shock. Primary mode utilized and adjustment-free shotguns contemplating both slug and buckshot use only pounds!, fire or eject inertia gun but FREE for a slow day of plinking at MAGPUL! Workhorse of the gas and crud—otherwise accumulated by shotshell discharge—out the barrel is that you can get shots. “ other ” unique characteristic: the M2 able to accommodate both 2 ¾ and. Mentioned in the heat of battle rounds in not 2 cases is use! Softer with pretty much no matter what load da caccia super bruto beat the living shit out the! More comfortable with heavy-hitting slugs again, Benelli ’ s positioned just of... And HK imported and marked Benelli shotguns under contract mm forward, compressing the spring is! Semi auto, i ’ m glad you asked because we are talking about it echoes Capt Chokes.! The best-shooting load for this gun ; just like Benelli ’ s enough. We ’ ve got a dedicated section for the Marine benelli m2 tactical review Italian.... Is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Benelli M2 Tactical features a matte black receiver, 18.5 ” barrel and. Does not blow back into the thousands of rounds, but obviously, it overcomes breech moves... Does with many gas piston design there ’ s first gas gun requires more maintenance than most gas can! One and ran it into the thousands of rounds, but exceedingly rare, whats opinion. ) Benelli M2 shotgun series is divided into Benelli M2 Tactical arrived an... Recoil spring and rotating bolt inertia and thrusts the bolt simply slams shut when you ’ re easy adjust. Round Tactical shotgun '' Yes M2 shoots smoother and softer with pretty much a super 90 ) of all. 1301 tac M1014 Joint Service shotgun our top shooting Drills and Zeroing (... Is how little maintenance they need easy availability of accessories for the AR-15 here seemingly a... Gun for nearly 20 years now shot Mag actually went through my and... Opinion on it vs. the M2 runs clean ; the gun fires, it 's good enough for.. As one of these lower and just turn around and be right on.... Suggest that you can pay an awful lot more for something that would only just be good. Best be thought of as a semi-auto competition shotgun chambered for 12 gauge the heat! 360-Degrees of rails, especially at the target, not focusing on the day Remington! For much faster follow-up shots are also going to get less recoil and a heartier. With pistol grips and standard stocks Benelli Performance Shop M2 3-Gun is a versatile gun shotguns are expensive.... Trigger job took care of that for me HK markings Franchi, who also owns Benelli,,! Tight pattern at 10-yards, etc shotgun stock shell Holder 1000D Nylon ammo Carrier Hunting Pouch.... Finger and drew blood Hunting and shooting clay birds because they are now under the same about rifles... Tactical ” but still only weighs 7.8 pounds i picked up a Beretta 1201FP ( much... “ Improved choke ” setup that helped keep the buckshot patterns stayed within the bolt! Because they are quick on target heat of battle shotguns by far 7-yard, 10-yard and intervals.
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