The American Nurses Association created a system to formally measure continuing education credits in 1975.5 Since then, much debate has centered over how much continuing education is needed to maintain competency and the best way to obtain that education. The purpose of this assignment is to create the Educating Staff: Implementing Change Project. To add some fun to the offerings, the team also included educational games, such as crossword puzzles and "Stroke Jeopardy!" Internationally, the importance of health education is illuminated through the vast amount of nursing research studies While this planning takes some time, the result makes the extra effort worthwhile. The games were also well received. Within baccalaureate nursing programs, about 3… For example, staff development sessions were planned and held right on the unit at various times convenient to both day- and night-shift staff. One unit's education committee recognized these challenges to staff development and education and decided to implement a new type of nurse education program. Pool IA, Poell RF, Berings MG, Ten Cate O. Many have mastered the art of finding a “work around” to save valuable time during their shift. COURSE OUTCOMES [Context Link], 5. They provide education on the plan of care, define expectations, and address questions and concerns. A handful of other states have passed some sort of legislation related to nurse staffing. … The goal is to get the information out in multiple ways. Get Tech Savvy. Factors such as self-directed ability, sense of accountability, motivation to learn, and opportunities for education influence learning.10 Educational planning and instructional design must be approached like the nursing process by assessing needs, diagnosing the issues, planning the appropriate education, implementing it, and, finally, evaluating the results.11. Continuing professional development in Australia: barriers and support. The U.S. population is growing increasingly diverse. health information, counseling and asking questions [3, 4]. This is imperative because without a supportive learning environment, it's difficult for nurses to grow and develop professionally. Nurse Educ Today. Long, lengthy classroom settings do not typically provide the best learning environment. [Context Link], 7. J Contin Educ Nurs. Strategies include blended learning, electronic distribution, and educational flyers to provide a variety of formats to meet the educational needs within the organization. Address correspondence to Jennifer L. Embree, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CCNS, FAAN, Clinical Associate Professor, Community and Health Systems Department, Indiana University, School of Nursing, 600 Barnhill Drive, NU 421, Indianapolis, IN 46202; email: Levels of job satisfaction are low and this leads to high rates of staff turnover. Many hospitals and administrators believe this as well. Med-Surg Matters. As of 2016, the ethnic breakdown was 61.3% White American (non-Hispanic/Latino), 17.8% Hispanic/Latino, 13.3% Black American/African-American, 5.7% Asian, 1.3% Native American/Alaskan Native, and 2.6% self-reporting two or more races. As of now, only one state (California) has laws that set forth a mandatory minimum staffing level. Evaluating continuing competency: a challenge for nursing. J Contin Educ Nurs. Many nurses believe that nurse staffing is a major issue. Thanks to online education, there are several convenient paths you can take to earn either a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN). In addition, the principles of This is a decisive moment for our health care system, and the American Nurses Association is leading the conversation to address the nation’s nurse staffing crisis and improve health care for everyone.. As the largest staffing group — at almost 40% of operating costs –— nurses have been an easy target for reduced hours and other cutbacks. 2014;34(4):655-660. [Context Link], 2. Examples include correctly labeling blood specimens, hospital required shift documentation, correct documentation for restraints, fall risk assessments, Influenza screening, skin assessments, and blood product transfusions. They said this activity helped them learn new information while reinforcing previous knowledge. Earning an advanced degree, such as a Doctor of Nursing Practice, can prepare nurses to provide equitable, inclusive care that promotes a healthier, less stressful experience for patients and their families. Blogging as an innovative method of peer-to-peer educational sharing. Throughout our facility, we do this in a vast number of avenues that also aligns with the different types of learners (e.g., written, verbal, visual, kinesthetic) among our diverse staff (Anderson et al., 2015). 2011;20(1):6-7. On another day, an educator might spend several hours or a whole day in the clinical setting, such as the hospital, long-term care facility, or … COVID-19 transmission: Is this virus airborne, or not? The Train the Trainer courses are essential classes that are designed to teach nurses/pharmacists how to effectively train entry level health care workers. Summers A. Finding ways to best reach nursing staff and overcome challenges requires creative solutions to keep a large, diverse nursing staff up-to-date on current and best practices. What works for a 20-year-old American staff member may not work for a 40-year-old African staff member or a 60-year-old Philippine staff member. We know that not everyone reads their emails or attends staff meetings, but hopefully everyone makes at least one trip to the bathroom or breakroom during their shift. Staff Education Judith Bernardini University of Pittsburgh. Go… [Context Link], 3. As a result, we began using educational flyers that are short and to the point, but also contain a vast amount of information. You can calculate how much any one person consumes of your budgeted FTE allocation by using the following equation: hours per day the employee works multiplied by days per pay period the employee works divided by 80 hours. For example, Baby boomers are used to passive learning, while millennials expect teaching methods to keep pace with technological changes.10,11 In addition, some newer technology, such as cloud computing, e-learning, mobile computing, and virtual reality, may be unfamiliar to nurse educators and planners. 1 Teaching in nursing: the faculty role Linda M. Finke, PhD, RN As the demands of society have changed, the faculty role in higher education has grown from the singular colonial unitarian mission of teaching to a multifaceted challenge of teaching, scholarship, and service. Growing evidence indicates that improved nurse staffing in acute hospitals is associated with lower hospital mortality.
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